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Red Earth

Its coming up from under ground

Feel the earth beneath my feet

Red earth energy

Flow like Water

Flow like water move like the breeze, through the trees, connected to everything that we see and the ethereal will be guided by ur inner divine, as your wisdom grows in each concept of time, trust your instinct and intuition will bread, don't be afraid of the greatness you achieve, we all have a voice and the choice is yours to believe use it wisely & become the light which you conceive


Flow like water let your sacral open free, manifest your desires and your conscious sensuality, procreate & nurture, give birth to the seed of life, and the yin of your yang will balance to make all relationships flow right, pumping from the base all the way up through the spine, your energy system is nourished to feed wisdom of ur mind, your sexual energy is abundant & your virility is free, given strength from the base and letting the heart be the eyes that see.


Flow like water with a gentle touch & a smile, you are the manifest-or of greatness, use each inch like as if it was a mile, let your eyes connect to spirit matter is merely a tease, creatively empowered and profound to a gateway of divinity, dance in the concept of power with a masculine and feminine seed, when each are balance within oneself your desires are sure to be set free, follow ur dreams & give love everyday, let the world be the gateway, to the greatness your purpose portrays


Flow like water and move through emotional, able to connect and become at one in devotional, pleasure to pro-create, pleasure to just sit and be, open this world through your heart and give it the eyes it needs, let your thoughts of love flow like rays, the anxiety and doubt that follows you is the turn of joy in a new day, lessons grow into truth, the teacher of peace that we crave, hold on to your sacral Divinity and give each other the knowledge in


Amber Sun

I see yellow burning like the sun

Breathing Life


Unconditional Love, My Heart is open

Breathing life to be as one

Sounds of the Soul

Sounds of the soul, to speak your truth

Sounds of the soul, feel the resonance

To express your inner voice

Listening to your intiution

Immersed in turquoise



Indigo Intuition 

Your indigo intuition

Your minds eye can see more then you could ever see

with both of your two eyes wide open

Right before my eyes


Feeling Connected

This purity, brings me clarity

I feel unity

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